30 Important Questions... The Expired Listings Survey...Why Do Homes Not Sell?

Posted by Doug and Teresa Johnson AtlantaHomeStore.com Team on Sep 14, 2015 in News

30 Important Questions... The Expired Listings Survey

Why Do Homes Not Sell?


  1. Why did your listing or home not sell?
  2. What could have been done differently?
  3. Was the price incorrect? Was the price adjusted during the listing period? Was the home listed with the agent because they quoted the "highest price"?
  4. Was the home listing with the "listing agent" because the agent was
    "a friend"? If so did that make it easier or harder to work with that person?
  5. Had the "listing agent' sold many homes?
  6. Had the "listing agent" have negotiation training? What designations did the agent hold?
  7. What did the "listing agent" past customer think about that agents abilities? Would they use that agent again?
  8. Was the home listed because the agent offered the lowest commission? Or did that matter? Did the "listing agent" compare the relationship of "Price" to "Time to Sell".
  9. Was a market analyze prepared with "up to date information" at the listing presentation?
  10. Were market updates provided during the listing period?
  11. How long was the home listed?
  12. Did the agent hold an open house and invite the neighborhood?
  13. Was the listing adverted on the Internet or in print?
  14. Were there "flyers" available in the house and on the street? Were the flyers in Color?
  15. Was the house "staged"?
  16. Was there regular "feedback" from other agents given to the homeowner?
  17. Did the agent list and forget the home? Did they just wait for the home to sell by another agent?
  18. Was the newspaper classified used?
  19. What websites were used to advertise the listings?
  20. Was the agent "full time" or "part time"?
  21. Was the agent "experienced"?
  22. Was the agent with a real estate company known for selling homes? What is their market share in the community?
  23. Did the agent have paid staff to service the listing?
  24. Did the agent "prequalify" all prospective purchasers with an experience lender?
  25. Did the agent promote the home to other agents in their community?
  26. Did the agent explain "agency" on the initial meeting?
  27. Did the agent offer a "marketing" plan?
  28. Is the agent a "Broker"?
  29. Does the agent return phone calls in a timely manner?
  30. Does the agent offer a visual tour of the home?


Any ideas on this list? Did I cover all areas? What are your thoughts on "Expired" Listings?

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