Tips for Sellers on Selling their Homes

Posted by Doug and Teresa Johnson Team on Sep 14, 2015 in News

Inside Suggestions!

  1. Make the house look like a MODEL HOME.
  2. Everything from floors to windows must be spotless.
  3. Remember to clean the oven and other major appliances.
  4. Skylights should be crystal-clear, too.
  5. Change out light bulbs. Make sure the ones in the closet work. 
  6. Make the Beds.
  7. Get rid of excessive collections, pillows, pictures, etc.
  8. Do not forget to make bathrooms shine! Put up personal toiletries. Clean the Bathtub. Buy decorative towels and soaps.
  9. Kill the offensive odors. They're the first thing buyers notice, and often a permanent turnoff.
  10. Do not have pets in the house while the home is being shown.
  11. Eliminate Clutter. Rent a storage building and store the clutter. Pack up children’s toys.
  12. Put away small kitchen appliances and other items that are sitting on countertops and tables.
  13. Remove photographs from table-tops.
  14. Organize the closets.
  15. If there's not a reason to leave something sitting around--remove it!
  16. Paint a neutral color.
  17. Consider replacing the carpet and other flooring.
  18. Consider upgrading appliances or countertops.
  19. Have the furnace and air conditioner serviced.
  20. Have a home inspection and make all repairs.
  21. Hire a Home Stager.
  22. Play soft music during showings.
  23. Open Blinds and keep Lights on. Dark house don’t sell.
  24. Have your home available to show even in short notice.

Outside Suggestions!

  1. Buyers nearly always comment if gutters are full of leaves and it makes them question other maintenance issues.
  2. Paint the house or the trim, if needed.
  3. Plant Flowers.
  4. Place Rocking Chairs on the porch if there is room.
  5. Remove all ashtrays from the porch.
  6. Have a pool clean and serviced. Leave out the servicing information.
  7. Pressure Wash the Sidewalks and Driveway. Be careful to pressure wash the siding of your home. Some siding can be harmed from pressure washing. Check with local professionals about this.
  8. Store or organize items that make the yard look messy.
  9. Make your front entry inviting. Decorate it, paint the door or buy a new door. It's the first look.
  10. Cut the Grass and trim the bushes.
  11. Stand on the street and look at the house. Does it have appeal.

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