Tips on Selling Your Buford Ga Home!

Posted by Doug and Teresa Johnson Team on Sep 14, 2015 in News

Tips on Selling Your Buford Ga Home!

In a buyer's market, how do you make your home stand out above the crowd of "for sale" signs?  According to the International Association Home Stagers, investing little time and making small improvements can make your home look more inviting to prospective home buyers can increase your ultimate sales price by 7% and make it sell up to more than 3 months faster.

The IAHS say that its the little touches that count like a fresh coat of paint, updated window treatments, bedding, a new floor or landscaping.  If you can't catch them at the curb, you can't get them inside.  And since the decision to purchase your home is often made in the first 8 seconds they walk into the front door, it's crucial that space where the eye alt="Getting Your Buford Ga Home Ready to Sell!" width="164" height="163" />automatically rest (such as walls, windows and floors) needs to be spotless!

A few simple tips are:

CATCH THEM FROM THE CURB by maintaining your front yard with cutting grass regularly, update your landscape by putting lowers out for color around the front door and take out any dead material.  Spruce up your front door and trim with paint to make it fresh looking.  Maybe put a wreath of the season on your door to make it more inviting.  If buyers don't think your house is maintained, they won't get out of the car.  And I have experienced that one before!

LIGHTEN UP your home with a bucket of paint.  Neutral colors work best when your home is on the market.  Let the buyers choose their designer colors after your gone! 

CREATE A CLEAR VIEW TO THE OUTSIDE.  Put new light and airy curtains on the windows and raise up your blinds to let in light.  Clean the windows so they can see the landscape.  Saving on your utility bill by keeping your window treatments shut could be costing you a sale.  And the savings is far less than selling your home.  Buyers don't buy dungeons, so let the sunshine in! 

PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD by getting rid of that old carpet you have been meaning to change for years or if it just needs a good steam cleaning.  Laminate flooring has come a long way and an inexpensive way to update your floors and can be installed in a weekend.

DECLUTTER EVERYWHERE.  Go ahead and pack up those items you know you won't be needing but go through and do 3 things first.  Make 3 piles, keep, toss and donate.  Do a room each day in your house and you'll have less items to pack up and move to your next house.  Don't have the yard sale after you move, do it before.  It will cost you money to haul it to your next home.  We want the buyers to see their things on the walls, so give them as clean of a slate as possible. What you keep, box up labeled and store in the garage or basement, never in a spare bedroom!  You are moving and the buyers will understand that you are serious about moving and make you an offer.  And if the buyers are needing to move quickly, they know you are in a position to make their timing a reality.  And that will help you on your sale to move on yourself.

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!  I can't stress this one enough.  Buyers don't want to buy your dirt or pet hair.  So clean up your baseboards, light switch plates, trim around high traffic areas, windows and the cobwebs off all light fixtures.  Make your home sparkle and you'll be the one sweeping up the reward of a home sale.

I hope these simple tips will help you in your home sale.  If you have any questions, please contact us.  Together we can sell your home for top dollar and move you into your next home.  Give us a call and let's get started!


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